30A Florida area info

Scenic Highway 30A, affectionately known as Scenic 30A, meanders gracefully along the sun-kissed shores of Florida's Gulf of Mexico, carving out a picturesque route through the heart of the state's Panhandle region. This scenic byway serves as a tranquil escape from the bustling thoroughfare of U.S. Highway 98, offering travelers an alternative route steeped in natural splendor and coastal charm.

Spanning approximately 28.5 miles (45.9 kilometers), Scenic 30A winds its way through a series of idyllic communities, each exuding its own distinct personality and allure. Embarking on a journey along this scenic route unveils a tapestry of coastal living, where time seems to slow down and every corner reveals a new facet of paradise.

Among the gems adorning the route, Grayton Beach emerges as a bohemian enclave, where the eclectic ambiance of the historic Red Bar mingles with the laid-back vibes of art galleries and boutique shops. Meanwhile, WaterColor beckons with its meticulously planned streetscapes, luxurious residences, and the tranquil embrace of coastal dune lakes.

Seaside, a beacon of New Urbanism, enchants visitors with its pastel-hued cottages, bustling town square, and a pedestrian-friendly ethos that fosters a sense of community. Alys Beach stands as a testament to Mediterranean elegance, boasting architectural splendor and a lifestyle steeped in refinement.

Further along the route, Rosemary Beach captivates with its cobblestone streets, boutique-lined avenues, and the timeless allure of its pristine coastline. Seagrove Beach embraces a laid-back ambiance, inviting families to bask in the simple joys of coastal living amidst vacation rentals and charming cottages.

Gulf Place emerges as a vibrant hub of activity, where dining, shopping, and artistic expression converge in a lively town center. Blue Mountain Beach, named for the azure blooms that adorn its landscape, offers respite in its relaxed atmosphere and scenic vistas.

Finally, Inlet Beach, the easternmost outpost of Scenic 30A, exudes a tranquil charm, offering a serene gateway to the natural wonders of Camp Helen State Park.

Scenic Highway 30A stands as a beacon of tranquility and refinement, drawing travelers seeking respite from the frenetic pace of modern life. Here, amidst the azure waters and sugar-white sands, visitors discover a sanctuary where outdoor adventures, cultural delights, and culinary indulgences intertwine seamlessly.

Whether strolling along pristine beaches, exploring art galleries, or savoring gourmet delights, Scenic 30A promises an unforgettable journey through a coastal wonderland steeped in beauty and charm.

Let's start with safety! 

For the safety of you and your family, please familiarize yourself with the meaning of the beach flags 

* Entering the water in a double red flag can result in a $500 fine and criminal charges. 

Rip currents

How to Identify a Rip Current

  • Darker color surf, indicating deeper water
  • Murky brown water caused by sand stirred up on the bottom
  • Smaller unorganized waves, alongside more evenly breaking waves over a sand bar
  • Waves breaking further out to sea on both sides of the rip current

How to Help Someone Caught in a Rip Current

  • Notify a lifeguard
  • Have someone call 911, give accurate landmarks
  • Do not enter the water, you too will be caught in the current
  • Throw them a flotation device
  • Try not to lose sight of the victim

What To Do If You Are Caught in a Rip Current

  • Don’t panic or swim against the current
  • Relax, float with the current until it dissipates
  • Swim parallel to shore and back in
  • Of course, the best way to avoid a rip current is to know the surf conditions before entering the water!
  • Know the conditions and watch the flags!

here are our favorite things to do...

when we're not on the beach!

BIKE PATH Pack your bikes, and your running shoes. This paved trail runs parallel to County Road 30A from Inlet Beach to Dune Allen. It's even being expanded to access Point Washington, Watersound Origins, and other bayside destinations. Bring your camera to capture nature at its best with excellent views of our rare coastal dune lakes.

SHOPPING Savor upscale boutique shopping spaces all along 30A! For jewelry and women's clothing, check out Ex Vito on Main Street in Rosemary Beach or Mercantile situated on Seaside's Central Square. our favorite bookstores are The Blue Giraffe in Inlet Beach and Hidden Lantern in Rosemary. If it's the original local art you crave, you'll find numerous options, from Justin Gaffrey Gallery in Blue Mountain Beach to the newly opened Jonah Allan Gallery at Greenway Station in Seagrove.

LOCAL FLAVORS Ready for some fresh seafood? Try Old Florida Fish House in Seagrove, or Shunk Gulley in Gulf Place. Looking for a casual lunch spot? Head over to Blue Mountain Beach, where you'll find Blue Mabel and Local Catch. Our favorite cocktails? Cafe 30A, in Seagrove and Neat Tasting Room, and Vue on 30A, in Dune Allen.