Private Home Management

Welcome to Concierge Cottages, your trusted partner in managing second homes. We understand the unique needs of homeowners who desire professional care for their properties when they're away. 

With our comprehensive suite of services, we offer a seamless solution to ensure your second home is meticulously maintained, secure, and ready for your arrival at any time. 

From regular inspections and maintenance to coordinating repairs and overseeing housekeeping, our dedicated team of experts is committed to preserving the value and comfort of your cherished investment. 

Experience peace of mind knowing that your second home is in capable hands with Concierge Cottages.

Meeting Your Property Management Needs

Concierge Cottages can provide a custom private home management solution for your home that meets your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve peace of mind while you are away from your property.

A local team you can trust

At Concierge Cottages, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to cater to your unique property needs. Our services include regular home inspections tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring your property is well-maintained and in top-notch condition. We also provide professional cleaning services to keep your home pristine and welcoming for you and your guests. Our project management expertise ensures that any property improvements or renovations are seamlessly executed. Additionally, our concierge services are designed to enhance the guest experience, offering personalized assistance and recommendations. We prioritize preventative maintenance to safeguard your property's longevity and functionality. And for added convenience, we even offer beach chair rentals and bike services to enhance your guests' stay. With Concierge Cottage Private Home Management, your property is in expert hands, ensuring peace of mind and a memorable experience for both you and your guests.